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24 Mar 2010

Tibetan rock band " Tsangsim Phuneching Tsendep " New album upcoming 2010 三江源兄弟

Tibetan Rock band from the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province,  in thery own blog, said "Tsangsim Phuneching Tsendep ," the third album coming soon , "Tsangsim Phuneching Tsendep " are in full swing production and most of the songs are  produced in Chongqing and Chengdu, The album with 13 songs if nothing changes in final. including " Tsampa " and " Ame Kada " are already online since 12/2009. The album are variety of song styles, including pop, Tibet and India, the original ecological and other elements of Folk Songs which has been integrated the song like " Simngang Kyi Gangla Methok " is an Indian Characteristics Yong rather to interpret the Tibetan songs the same time, the song is their strongly to recommend songs. Language the whole album in their mother tongue, this reflects the combination of art and culture advocates promote the idea of the nation. It is worth mentioning that the Brotherhood Tsangsim Phuneching Tsendep debut to the present, has been promoted and respected the mother tongue and sing songs, exchange of the mother tongue with the fellow, who by now many Tibetans, when the exchange said both Tibetan and Chinese languages and mixed There is no national language and culture of the various phenomena such as attention, concern and called for more attention to the culture.
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