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20 Mar 2010

Traditional Archery Competition Year of the Tiger in Tibet Amdo

Traditional archery tournament Year of the Tiger in Tibetan region has a long history, brilliant spectacle. In the competition fierce at the same time, also has a unique appreciation, religious and other characteristics, brave and tenacious character, the viewer amazed, enjoy it, linger. You see, the Tibetan Jinhu Village Village Village of the period range, the Warriors against, thunderous applause, bow, archery, arrow hit.                      夏朵地区藏族民间传统射箭赛历史悠久,精彩纷呈,场面壮观。在竞赛异常激烈的同时,还具有独特的观赏性、娱乐性、狂热性、宗教性等特点,生动表现了藏民族乐观向上、英勇顽强的性格,令观者赞叹不已,乐在其中,流连忘返。你看,藏历金虎年期间村村寨寨的靶场上,勇士对阵,欢声雷动,弯弓射箭,箭箭命中,好似又回到赞普的年代。
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