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9 Dec 2012

Interview - Khawe Methok Tsendep 2012

Tibetan Band "Kawie Methok Tsendep" Tsering Kyi And her sister Tsering Tso Introduction: wo twin sisters is  a pair of Tibetan singers from Amdo Golok growing in the grasland with colorful culture and nature. Kawie Methok's wonderful singing voice. Through their own efforts, now grown to have a certain knowledge reputation degree and Tibetan pop songs music influence singing group.

Kawie Methok Tsendep 2012 - Methok Kyi Drenlu [ Full Abum ]
Tibetan "Kawie Methok Tsendep " ཁ་བའི་མེ་ཏོག། twin sisters Tsering Kyi and Tsering Tso from amdo Golok  of debut solo album "snow miss" the official released 25/08/2012, the album contains a total of 12 songs auspicious ordinary people(6 songs in Tibetan",

Khawe Methok Band

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