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8 Mar 2013

Samkho 2013 " The Auspicious Song "

Samkho 2013 " The Auspicious Song " (new album)
བསམ་ཁོ། - བརྩེ་བའི་འགྱུར་ཁུག།
藏族歌手三木科首张藏语专辑《吉祥之歌 2013       

                                                                                      The album " The Auspicious Song " Lhasa dialect and Amdo dialect singing every song into his own perception of love.
the Song "Ama" is a song of praise of motherly love, the "Thangka "performance love Tibetan traditional culture," kawa "pass the wanderer home sentimentally attached, and " the color of love "full of yearning for the pure love.
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