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15 Oct 2012

Tibetan idol final 2012 winner Son of snow band 中国藏歌会总决赛 2012

Tibetan idol final 2012 winners.
             1st  "Son of snow band 雪之子组合".
        2th "Four girl Band 四姑娘组合". 
 3th  "Dawa Dolma 达瓦卓玛"

Son of snow band 雪之子组合

Sichuan TV  October 14, 2012, Tibetan idol 2012 " the perfect ending of the third quarter, Kham man is the king, "Son of snow band with decent vocals and excellent performance won this year'stitle, the Four girl Band of the outstanding players of the season, Dawa Dolma breakdown runner-up, second runner-up. At this point, with the end of the the last TV talent show "Tibetan idol " 2012.

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