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2 Jul 2010

Tibetan singer Alan Dawa Dolma (Tibetan traditional medicine)

Tibetan singer Alan Dawa Dolma  is so affordable movement - when she sat before the full Tibetan Thangka style, the Dimei town in Taiwan, just like mural and the general vulgarity, no one a cent Zimingqinggao's aggressive; while on location, the bar pigtail of the western Sichuan plateau she zips by like the wind, jumping Smart. The wanton in the sun certainly did not think the girls laugh, his face still had that with Gaoyuan Hong Tibetan girl will grow into a new generation of Japan's most watched singing girl, but not thought she would embark on a predecessors had not been involved in the road: to conquer a foreign country, to return to their homeland. This line from the bottom of the valley orchid beauty, tempered through time has been "re curl Tingting, Prose down world."

Search for distant hermitages approached the mysterious snowy Tibetan plateau, the Himalayas towering behind the roof of the world. As you know, Tibet has always been explorers and travelers yearning for the Holy Land. And you do not know, in this piece of our planet's most stunning land, Tibetan medicine has Youhu the Tibetan people for thousands of years, the strong arm of the snow-covered plateau around the ancient Tibetan master of the Millennium owner deposited the classic years wisdom.

As a profound traditional medicine, Tibetan medicine and Arab medicine, Indian medicine, Chinese medicine composed of the world with four major traditional medicine, and is the only one of them handed down magnificent authentic classic.
Many are ancient wisdom, but the true wisdom, and not because of time and dust. When modern medicine can not meet our needs, perhaps we can come back to explore the true meaning of those ancient. ( Photo and presse from

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