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6 Sep 2011

Tibetan singers gather in Balaguer zoom for new MV " Dream home"

群星齐聚《相约——巴拉格宗》 MTV pre-recorded tube songs completed. Shangri-La Grand Canyon area were shooting the scene Balague and Tibetan singers:
From left to right: Jiten Po, Tashi Nyima, Namkar Tso, Dowa Tsekyi and Kunga.
This picture as a "Dream home" shooting the scene!
Singer: Namkar Tso
Singer: Dowa Tsekyi With local dancers
Standing on the meadow singing and dancing together with local villagers,
Singer: Yangchen Lhaze
Exposure to the ancient village of Bala, whether joyful smile or affectionate overlooks is that kind of unfettered, and spotless Bala village blend.
Singer: Kunga
 Singing the infinite love of Balaguer, Balaguer were only for a better tomorrow.
Singer: Tashi Nyima
The looking forward and  we desire, only for the success of  MTV's filming, Tashi Nyima stood again for the nature of this part of the stage!
Singer: Chongshol Dolma
Singing Shambhala Canyon, tells the story of Balaguer Zoom!
Singer: Thinley Gyamtso
Tibetan Band: Acha Tsendep
Looked at the touch of color content, so pure laughing, presumably, only to let them in Balaguer zoom Perhaps it is because love can sing this fantastic melody!
Singer: Jiten Po

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