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25 Nov 2009

阿佳组合新专辑 阿佳遇见你 听 Acha Tsendep new album 2009 " Acha Meet You "

Album: Acha Meet You
Artist: Acha Tsendep
Tracks: 12
Genre: Pop
Release on:

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Acha Meet You - Acha Tsendep 2009

Clic here to playing the album 2007: "Acha Tsendep (Tibet)"

The first Tibetan woman singing the whole combination - Acha Tsendep release their the second album, "Acha meet you" Acha Tsendep of three Tibetan girls on the road began his music has made unremitting efforts, In the this album, "Acha met you" in a tracks of 12 songs, as the combination of the past few years of music precipitation and accumulation, Production of these songs well, trying to convey a message very clear, it is music first. While the album cover was designed for a very simple and to the public yet refined. From the color to the composition, according to the cover of national characteristics and Acha Tsendep combination that accentuates the modern fashion.


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