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21 Nov 2009

New album " Acha Meet You " 2009 coming soon

Acha Tsendep Band the Tibetan girls by three portfolio consisting of Acha Tsendep after six years later, in November launched a new album coming soon, "Acha meet you" 《阿佳遇见你》three girls in addition to maintaining good at pop-dance music of the past, but also more joined the elements of the nation, so that pop-dance music and ethnic elements in combination Acha Tsendep are not only sing and dance, is still in the concept album by adding a lot of their views and singing for the their home town " Tibet " and singing for Pure white snow-capped mountains and other natural landscape, but also through song lyric, expressing a deep yearning for home, but also tells of the ups and downs suffered by breaking into a foreign country, girls unique delicate emotional and bones tenacious temperament in this album expose no doubt. From:
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