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27 Apr 2010

Charitable Activities for Yushu Tibet by amalag Culture Communication of Kunga in Chengdu

Chengdu, April 20, 2010. Tibetan singer Kunga Phuntsok  held Yushu in Qinghai disaster fund-raising activities! The fans, friends and all the Tibetans to took a part and everyone donate for the Yushu to donate their love!
Every Donors got a free of his last album.


Chengdu, le 20 avril 2010. Tibétain Kunga chanteur Phuntsok a Yushu dans des activités en cas de catastrophe Qinghai collecte de fonds! Les fans, les amis et tous les Tibétains à prit une part et tout le monde pour le don de Yushu faire don de leur amour!


Tibetan Music World said...

my favorite singer Kunga la had participated in disaster of Yushu I am very happy,Kunga la; You are the best and great one as always, I wish you all the way successful, Let us pray for the people in Yushu hit it!

Anonymous said...

Kunga la you are alway my hero!¨!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you Kunga!

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