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31 Oct 2009

歌手联合打造新专辑《回归巴拉格宗》the new album "return Balague cases of"

Tashi Nyima, Namkar Tso, Tsekyi, Jiden
In the case of Kamiyama Paiwai Jing Balague
Recently, singer joint effort to build a cost of 800,000 yuan to promote Shangri-La County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture tourism promotion album - "return to Balaguer cases."《回归巴拉格宗》Album "return Balague cases of" Prince Tashi Nyima folk songs played by the music director, album by the same name is also the main song writing and singing lyrics Tashi Nyima completed, he will be performing another song for this album "Tseden Lhamo"
According to Tashi Nyima, at present they are filming nem album in the Shangri-La, MTV, followed by completion of songs recorded in Chengdu will be the final post-production in Beijing, the new album will be published at the end of the year.
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