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6 Jan 2009

The most beautiful season of the plateau 2009

August 13, 2009 Plateau's most beautiful season, Yushu Prefecture in Qinghai Province (麻莱县) held an "eco-tourism qumarleb Awareness Week and the" gathering of the Yellow River source "large-scale theatrical performances.Artist invited leaders of all levels, CCTV, Qinghai TV and other media, and host, Sichuan, Qinghai and other Tibetan areas of the Tibetan Songs and Dances of Troupe and many well-known singers and combinations. More
Tibetan Singers at Yushu 08/2009
Qinghai, Yushu Song and Dance Troupe
Tibetan singers, Kunga
Tibetan singer: Yadon
Tibetan Band: Butter lamb band
Tibetan singer: Dolma Kyab
Tibetan singer: Yangjin Lhaze
Tibetan singer: Dronpe
Tibetan singer: Tsekyi
Tibetan singer: Chu Kyab
Tibetan Band: Acha Tsendep Band
Tibetan singer: Acha Lhamo ( Acha Tsendep band )
Organizers led officers shook hands with the performers and staff

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