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1 Jul 2009

Jackie Chan and Acha Tsendep new mv clicp

成龙携手阿佳组合出现在北京某摄影棚内拍摄MV on 28/06/2009 Jackie Chan and Tibetan band of Acha Tsendep composition together in Beijing's studio shooting MV, taken after the combination of Jackie Chan and Acha Tsendep had a short visit, when it comes to Michael Jackson's death, the Jackie Chan said he Jackson is a good friend, when friends died when he was informed that it is very difficult, and he said for the generation of the legendary Jackson. Jackie Chan was in bed more SELF Jackson missed his calls.

In recent years, Jackie Chan has been working to promote new work, why he comes to this combination Acha Tsendep help them to filming MV,Jackie said Acha Tsendep combination give me two Tibetan song and I will sing these two songs and Its mainly to promote environmental awareness, and their singing is also very good.

"I just was to provide a modern platform for young people, As the saying goes' master from the door, the individual self-cultivation." When asked to find his shooting MV is to pay a high salary, said Jackie Chan , "Is your (much more money to) may not go, but some money even if it is affixed must be attended."

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