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19 Nov 2010

Tibetan rock the wolf band come back with new album "Wolf's back"

Tibetan rock band - the wolf from the release of the first album the band "brother" after a long period of time with the internal adjustment and preparation for studio, recording studio and a series of work, and now the injection of new blood , replaced with new members of the band, will begin preparations for a new look second album - "Wolf's back."
When asked about the second album, genre, The captain Karda Kyab 尕太加 said: "First of all, the style of music is inseparable from the basic melody of Tibetan music, but some places may make some fans very difficult to accept, at least I think so of ... .... " This also can be seen, they resolutely chose the music form of Tibet chamber rock. New album, in addition to the network starting now the single "Potala", the band members also revealed that there is a song called "Black kada" the song has also been released. In their own words, this is a "very attractive" in the song. Finally they said: "The other can not disclose, give the new album is like life, like music, bands like the wolf brought to every audience a surprise ... ...."
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