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29 Oct 2010

"Daughter of Tibet" Chime Arkhang debut album coming soon

A new face of the Tibetan singer name Chime Arkhang  album "Daughter of Tibet" the official debut. You all give little love to her about to the generous support of her debut album. Album is going to be released on the 20,11,2010"

She was born in a village called Katsel, near Lhasa in Tibet. Since 20 years I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

she said " I have performed on different occasions in Scandinavia representing the Tibetan culture. Since I was a little girl, my biggest passion is singing. I got my inspiration from my beloved grandfather who loved singing -Tibetan opera, Namthar.
My vision and mission in life is to preserve this rich Tibetan culture in a modern society. The lyrics and composition of all songs except “Ari-lo” are done by myself. I dedicate this album to my beloved parents. I deeply thank my family and friends for their -constant support, patience and love".

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