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21 Apr 2010

Tibetan Monks are the True Hero of Yushu quake 2010

Thousands of Thanks to Tibetan monastic community, Monks are the real True Hero of Yushu quake 2010 Tibetan.

- Thanks Chinese media refers to the affected area as the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu (玉树) in Qinghai province, Western media has been calling it Western or North Western China inhabited by "ethnic Tibetans" or part of the "Tibetan plateau".

 - Thanks to Chinese people for the donations. and Tibetan government in exile already expressed their desire to help quake victims in Tibet.

- Thanks to  USA, Canada, England, Australia, France and other western countries over US$32 million ,still pouring in..ThanksThanks.....

- Thanks. ofcouse Our brothers and sisters in tibet or out tibet and H.H the Daila Lama.

Hope President Hu Jintao & Premier Wen Jiabaoto allow His Holiness The Dalai Lama to visit the Quake zone to conduct the funerals for Thousands of Tibetans who lost their lives, to pray for the departed souls and to provide solace to the broken hearts."


Losang said...

Monks were the first people I saw digging through the rubble for survivors in Jyekundo. On our way out of town, we saw truck loads of monks going to the quake site from Lab Monastery in Trindu county (northern Yushu prefecture) and many trucks of monks from Garze prefecture in neighboring Sichuan.

Our story from the quake:

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