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10 Feb 2010

Tibetan new year 2010 wishes from Acha Tsendep 藏历新年祝愿- 阿佳组合

Dear friends, Tibetan new year and Chinese new year 2010 is coming. Here we are Acha Tsendep wish everyone a happy Happy new year and your family members,  have a nice relax on and Do not forget Drunk driving is very danger Oh!! Tashi Delek you all!

亲爱的朋友们,春节就要到了,我们姐妹三个在这里祝所有人藏历和汉历春节快乐哦!扎西德勒!!大家节日里好好放松一下:)还有……一定不要酒后驾车哦!代问家人好!Latest album from Acha Tsendep: Acha Meet You
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