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24 Jan 2010

Tibetan Rap collection (Remix) 藏族说唱集合

Tibet has a long history of jokes and comedy clown performances blend of traditional an emerging folk art evolved varieties, As early as in ancient times, Tibetan arts and cultural treasures, "Life of King Gesar" is a form of Rap & hip-hop performance and widely circulated in popular and this is one kind of rap is an ancient Tibetan form of oral literature.

  •  Bhope Bumo - Acha Tsendep
  •  Bhoemi - Tenzing N yima
  •  Bhumo Namsang - Wolf Band
  •  Free Tibet - Tenzin Kelsang
  •  Gashi - Acha Tsendep
  •  Ley - Snow Eagle
  •  Listen to the parent's teach -  pinpin
  •  Here I come - Norbu Sangdrub
  •  Our Olympic - R-59
  •  Nying Tam Rap - L. Dhondup
  •  Phayul La Dhro - Namcha Tsendep
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