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18 Nov 2012

Tibetan Wolf band second album will coming in December 2012

The album "The Wolf's back" will be published in 12/2012

Wolf Band: "the first album release has a full three years, we graduated from college until now, we still cherish our dream, this three years, we have experienced joys and sorrows, and sometimes even feel not get on, Asha (former drummer) has left the band and (former bassist) Chi was was left too, due to various reasons, not the music they gave up the dream, but because sometimes life can crush your dreams. we have together written a tender Wolf Band, thanks for the Wolf They have the band for their hard and sweat! Life is hard but when "the wolf's back" album after 3 years and nearly a year of recording, the last day we have our own studio and press play and listen, we know that the dream still has not abandoned us!

 First single " Home wolf "
the album from composer, recording, mixdown, mastering until the album cover, MV shot and produced independently by Wolf band. DIY debut album is pure Tibetan language rock album!
The album were issued ten songs, composer fully completed by the Karthu Gyal. Styles include: folk, new gold, hard rock, pop-metal, the band truly Wolf band music

Album " Brother " 2009


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