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12 Oct 2012

Tibetan idol semifinals to final 2012 results

BEIJING, Sichuan, Oct. 10 (Hou Qian) reporter on the 10th was informed that.Tibetan idol season 2012. the final be held on this weekend ( sunday ) at 8:00 pm on Sichuan TV.

Dowa Dolma

Dawa Dolma from Qinghai 达瓦卓玛

Dawa dolma far away from home to start at 90 contestants, She has a class of unique skills and she good in dance too, so get to final of Tibetan idol 2012. full of hope for the future.

Son of snow band 雪之子组合

Yuezin Chen 岳正剑

Four girl Band 四姑娘组合

Phupa kyab 蒲巴斯甲

semifinal results shows  

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