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30 Sep 2012

Album: Protecting Mother Grassland མ་ཡུམ་རྩྭ་ཐང་གི་འབོད་སྐུལ།

Protecting Mother Grasslan
Album " Protecting Mother Grassland " by Fauna and Flora International (FFI), the original on the grass "PMO and the Yellow River source Tibetan ecological and health care associations. the theme song is " The Call " Sing by Sherten.
Protecting Mother Grassland 2011  མ་ཡུམ་རྩྭ་ཐང་གི་འབོད་སྐུལ།
The DVD disc four aspects, namely introduction of the Wildlife Conservation International and Yellow River source Tibetan ecological and health care associations; introduction of the grassland ecosystem; singers sing environmental songs; calls for environmental protection, Singers as Rigzin Dolma, Sherten, Dronbe .......etc

According to FFI representatives Ngawang Jigme said, when they produced this DVD disc, Selected from the song, shooting areas are around environmental choices, including the cover of the DVD disc is also making use of environmentally-friendly paper. The picture is also intended to cover deep, wide range of desert said the deterioration of the natural environment, pagodas and cultural environment, tents, yak herdsmen human inhabit one soil, deer, Tibetan antelope Wild Fauna and Flora, meaning this oasis not only human homes, but also the survival of wild animals and plants in the environment, the people and the natural world of wild animals and plants should be in harmony
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