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27 Jul 2011

Tibetan Music Awards 藏族音乐大奖 2011

The fifth Tibetan Music Awards

I am happy to announce the fifth Tibetan Music Awards will held in McLeod Ganj in India on 15 October 2011, with 15 different categories.
such as:
  1. Best Male Singer
  2. Best Female Singer
  3. Album of the Year
  4. Song of the Year
  5. Best Debut Album
  6. Best Country Singer (Lu or Nomadic song)
  7. Best New Age
  8. Best Classical (Traditional or Folk song)
  9. Best Music Video, etc.
The voting will take place from 15 August for three days.
There will be only online voting on The awards presentation ceremony will be held on 15 October 2011.


sociosound said...

Hi! Can you tell me what you know about the Tibetan Music Awards? Are they put on by an organization in particular? Are there sponsors? Are there prizes?.. I'm an interested American ethnomusicologist.

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