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29 Jan 2010

Kunga New album on Losar 2010

The album creat by mother tongue, the root seem to have dressed in traditional costumes perform Kham nostalgic for their home town, the handsome white suit man revealed a mature charm and his album contains a total of 12 native songs ( all new songs), new production, hope to bring you a fresh experience. 根呷最新的母语专辑将在年前推出。据悉,此张母语专辑制作精美,根呷身着康巴传统服饰演绎对故乡的眷恋,帅气的白色西服透露出男人的成熟魅力。。。此张专辑一共收录12首母语歌曲,全新制作,希望能带给各位耳目一新的感觉

Kunga new year wiches to his fans and friends

Kunga la said: "Here I am very grateful for all the support of my friends and fans for so many years have been a strong support and my friends, new year 2010, my loyal bless for you, good luck! Sources of income rolling in! Success in your work! Bright future.
I will continue to work and live hope to make more and better music, dedicated to all the fans in support and with my friends!
I hope you will continue to support me! Thanks! Tashi Deleck!
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