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19 Jul 2009

Alan 阿兰 new album 2009 "heart of the East," official listing in Hong Kong

Alan "the heart of the East" album cover 2009

April 12, 2009, it is by virtue of "Red Cliff" (under) the song "longのRiver", won Japan's most authoritative list credibility Oricon singles champion on top, over the past days of Faye Wong results. 近日,alan(阿兰)携新专辑《心的东方》华丽回归并已于香港正式上市(内地7.22日),用一张精心制作的专辑,回报歌迷一直以来的支持。 Recently, alan (Alan) to carry the new album, "Heart of the Orient" and the magnificent return of the official listing in Hong Kong 22/07/2009, with a well-produced album, the return has been the support of fans.

HMV Hong Kong's main recommendationalan new album "Heart of the Orient"

New album "Heart of the Orient", the perfect show her irreplaceable voice of the United States and dense. Oriental Land has always been behind the beauty of the ancient and mysterious, from Sichuan Province in China beautiful Valley girl's "Heart of the Orient", it is this vast continent full of legend, as well as her brilliant starting point.

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