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14 Jun 2013

Yudrug Tsendep 青龙组合 return with new album

Yudrug Tsendep 青龙组合 2013
Tibetan band Yudrug Tsendep 青龙组合 will release their second album in beginning of August2013 . After first time in seven years ago, the Yudrug Tsendep mix again, ready to go take new steps to express what they want to express.

Yudrug Tsendep said, "with music performed in the course of conversation, our aim is not to make people worship us, but with all the power of music can be summarized to describe our suffering and frustration and Forth and anger. We have to use our own expression and language, to say us stark reality, sing our dreams alive. " " Thanks to the people look forward this album, always been grateful to supported by Yudrug Tsendep friends. Believe us, we will bring you different music, different exciting! Look forward to it! "
The album, musical styles mixing, covering jazz, blues, R & B, rap, national pop, playing and singing style, the album is  seven years of Yudrug Tsendep precipitation. hope you will like it.
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