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25 Dec 2011

Tsewang Lhamo the first album "The Girl From Tibetan Plateau"

Tibetan singer Tsewang Lhamo' first personal album
for new year 2012  in  mother tongue.
泽旺拉姆 2012年发行首张母语个人专辑《雪域姑娘》。
01 雪域姑娘 The girl from Tibetan plateau
02 祖辈的雄伟 The grand  of ancestors 
03 漫步人生路  The way of life
04 福分 blessed
05  margin
06 父亲母亲 Father Mother
07 酒歌 Drinking songs
08 慈母情 Motherly love
09 向往相聚 together
10 冬日仙湖 Winter fairy Lake
11 爱的旋律 Love melodies
12 藏人之歌 Boubmi Lasok
13 雪域家乡 Snow-Home

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