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27 Nov 2011

Tibetan singer Kunchok Tsering's new album 2011

Tibetan singer Kunchok Tsering was  from Amdo Tibetan Lebrang and singing from childhood his individual DVD and CD released 09.2011.

Album "Wolf with Kindness" with his several well known songs such as, "Story of Gesang Drolma", "Tibetan Girl", "To Wish to be Together", "hello Girl", "Last Night Love", "Love on the Way". total of 8 melodious Tibetan songs. The DVD published and released by Sichuan Video Publish House.
Kunchok Tsering was graduated from Gansu Normal College and Xibei Teacher’s College majored at Music.
Singer Kunckok Tsering
 Here I got 4 songs from the album "Wolf with Kindness" for you friends. Songs: "Last Night Love", "Story of Gesang Drolma", "Nowhere" and "Wolf with Kindness". enjoy.


Samek said...


I was looking at a video of making Tibetan momo on youtube and there is this song in the background that is amazing.
If you can PLEASE tell me the name of the song and the singer’s name.

Here is the link to the video:

There are two songs in this video. I need the name of the SECOND song.

Thank you in advance!!!

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