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14 Jul 2010

"Snow Dayton Star" 2010 singing contest on 10 - 16 August

The econd "Snow Dayton Star" Sour Milk Drinking Festival will be held in Lhasa on 10-16 August 2010. singing contest more than 100 applications are already. 
A series of large-scale cultural events. Where the second Lhasa Shoton Festival "Snow Dayton Star" singing contest is the Sour Milk Drinking Festival runs through the main activities. 6 June 23, singer contest registration officially started.
According to statistics, those who come to consult more than 1,000, enrollment has more than 100 players.  Compared with last year, this year 80% of the athletes from Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Qinghai, as well as players from Hong Kong. "I think of Lhasa have a lot of good local music, the cradle of the future stars will star in Lhasa. But too few local players signed up, and now only more than 20 original recordings have been made over player registration." Mia hope native singers can actively apply.

It is understood that the registration deadline on July 16, the final in August 1 for the winner will receive 10,000 yuan in prize money. Sour Milk Drinking Festival period, winners will be performances.  Competition is divided into original songs group and K group, enrollment limited to age, ethnicity, gender, region, showed off voice if you want to registration. Need to hurry to join.
Tel contest entry : + 86 - 0891-6876738
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