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15 May 2010

Tibet Yushu Earthquake songs By Tibetan singers

my beautiful hometown. Dear my fellow brothers and sisters, your sorrow pained my heart. Do not be afraid, my heart is with you forever."The day following the Yushu earthquake, well-known Tibetan singers, Sherten, Kunga, Yadon,Rigzin Dolma, Acha Tsendep, Samuko.....etc and comedians like Manla Kyab expressed their sympathy for quake victims in poems and songs.玉树地震后的一天,著名的藏族歌手,琼雪卓玛,雪山朗玛, 根呷,亚登,仁增卓玛,央金兰泽,谢旦 阿佳组合 .....等,像满拉Kyab喜剧演员表示,他们在诗歌和歌曲地震受害者表示同情。                                                             The poems and songs, which have become more and more popular in the aftermath of the earthquake, dedicated to the deceased and other victims of the quake, are intended to be inspiring for those affected by the quake, and to express solidarity with quake-affected fellow Tibetan.  诗和歌曲,其中有越来越多的流行在地震后成为专门为在地震死者和其他受害者,旨在为受地震影响的鼓舞,并表示声援地震影响研究员. TibetansPopular Tibetan female singer, Rigzen Dolma, a great song in poem with her own composed melody for the victims. translation of "To Share Weal and Woe":

The sudden disaster
Separated my beloved brothers and sisters
Dead and alive.
You suffer my sorrow physically
and I feel your pain heartily
Om Ma Ni Padme Hum
My beloved brothers and sisters
Our hearts will always be together.
Listen the song by Rigzin Dolma
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