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26 Jul 2009

阿佳组合新歌和成龙大哥《隔世的笑》Acha Tsendep ( Get the smile MTV )

Tsendep with Jackie Chan new song "Get the Laughter" MTV has been completed, and Agatha were quickly drying out.
MTV is very interesting that Acha band their own style according to the latest clip from Reinforced with authentic home an instant, good-looking and deeply moved ... ... there are all three of them have taken part in the form of creative design Tibetan.
阿佳娜姆 Acha Lhamo《隔世的笑》2009
阿佳卓玛 Acha Dolma《隔世的笑》2009
阿佳卓嘎 Acha Dolkar《隔世的笑》2009