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21 Sep 2014

Tsewang Lhamo' seconde album 泽旺拉姆 གངས་རིའི་བུ་མོ

གླུ་མ་ཚེ་དབང་ལྷ་མོའི་གླུ་གཞས་ཆེད་བསྒྲིགས ༼ གངས་རིའི་བུ་མོ་ ༢ ༽
Tibetan singer Tsewang Lhamo' second personal album coming soon this year . 泽旺拉姆 第二张专辑母语个人专辑《雪域姑娘 2 》。 Album: Snowland girl 2 .

This album with her debut album "Snowland girl" of the same name.

Album as a tribute to the natural environment as the main line snowy plateau, called for the protection of nature, purify the survival of our environment, and carry forward the national culture as the theme etiquette. It is understood, of which several songs composed by Tsewang Lhamo personally, will use her high-pitched voice full interpretation of the unique scenic beauty of the snow-covered plateau.

གླུ་མ་ཚེ་དབང་ལྷ་མོའི་གླུ་གཞས་ཆེད་བསྒྲིགས ༼ གངས་རིའི་བུ་མོ་ ༢ ༽