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4 Apr 2009

Yadon - I want change my jobs

On 03/04/2009, The Tibetan singers debut Chengdu Oriental quietly for a scenic spot in Yunnan Province in Chengdu to promote the carnival, but he is not as the singer, but the prospective director of mvies. 亚东透露,他现在正在筹备一部藏族爱情故事的电影,估计明年就能开机拍摄。 East Asia revealed that he is now being prepared of a Tibetan love story movie, it is estimated will be able to start shooting next year.

As for singing, Yadong lamented their own "people pass singing" never break, so do not wish to continue "I will be out maybe a new album, or a series of fine music, and then bid farewell to singer career will be complete."
Click here to watch the video: Yadon "I want change my jobs" by Yadon

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